Call Free Number/ Toll-free SMS

Call Free Number/ Toll-Free SMS

Toll free SMS service enables visitors of your website to send SMS to your number at zero cost. You, as the website owner should take care of the charges. This service is similar to that of toll free phone numbers, where the caller spends nothing at all by calling. In the toll free SMS service, the sender just types a message from the website and the message is delivered to your mobile. As this service allows a visitor from any corner of the world to send enquiry regarding your service or company, it is faster than call or any other media. This option is even more faster and safer than email as there are chances of your mail going unnoticed as spam or virus. Whereas through this service you get the information filled in by any visitor on your website.


Toll-free SMS is cost-effective and easy to implement on your website. Moreover you can access SMS from anywhere on your mobile without internet too. You have to pay only for the usage or number of SMS that you receive. If nobody sends you a message, you will not be charged. Your bills will increase only as your business grows.

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